Who is Losenok? This question has troubled a great many men and women not only across different continents, but also across time. For many years now people have been trying to discover the hidden meaning behind Losenok. On the surface, Losenok is nothing more then a physical entity, characterized by a particular aphorism, known to many, yet understood by a few - "Los', prosto los'". Yet one can always delve deeper into the abyss of Losenok's psyche, discovering the tender sentiments, raging passions, and unfulfilled desires. Losenok is an epistemological being, in whom all of us can find a reflection of ourselves, with all our virtues and shortcomings, pride and ire, zeal and vanity.

Who is Losenok? The world may never know. Still, those fortunate enough to bask in the radience of his presence are unable to forget the fact that they have been touched by something flamboyantly unorthodox, yet familiarly comforting. Losenok is a state of mind, a version of reality, a conception of the world.

Who is Losenok? There is no universally agreed upon answer, but we invite you to come up with one yourself.

Yan Leykin
University Of California at Berkeley
Department of Psychology